Celery Plum and Leek Side Salad (Surowka z selera, pora i sliwek)

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1 leek (julienned)

1 jar of marinated celery

4 plums (julienned)

3 tablespoons mayonnaise

salt and pepper to taste


Remove green tops from leeks. Left greens may be used for a soup later. Trim off ‘whiskers’ at bottom of root if still attached. Cut leeks in half lengthwise and wash well under running water to remove any imbedded grit. Cut each half in half lengthwise, this should give you 12 leek sticks. Place them on cutting-board side by side and julienne fairly fine. Place in bowl.

Add: drained julienned celery and plums. Toss ingredients, add salt, pepper and lace with mayonnaise.

Your side salad is ready (:




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